Surfmate - Discover & Plan Your Next Surf Trip

SurfMate Notion template is your surf companion, guiding you through the world of digital nomadism and wave-chasing. Ride the digital nomad wave with SurfMate!

Notion Surfmate - Discover & Plan Your Next Surf TripNotion Surfmate - Discover & Plan Your Next Surf Trip

Are you ready to ride the digital nomad wave while chasing epic surf destinations? Look no further than SurfMate, the ultimate page Notion template crafted exclusively for adventurous souls like you.

Planning your surf-centric nomadic journey has never been easier. Bid farewell to scattered notes and tedious spreadsheets. With SurfMate, you can seamlessly add new surf destinations to your digital nomad odyssey with just a few clicks.

Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or just starting your nomadic life, our intuitive interface ensures effortless organization and tracking, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: the waves 🌊.

  • Discover 28 of the planet’s finest surf destinations. Dive into the world of surf exploration with SurfMate’s treasure trove of information. Each destinations comes with 20+ vital travel and surf-specific parameters.
  • Bucket List and Beyond: Keep your surf dreams alive by curating your ultimate surf destination bucket list. Track the incredible places you’ve visited and those still awaiting your board. SurfMate is your digital passport to wanderlust, helping you manifest your surf adventures.
  • Track your Boards either owned or rented; track which boards you’ve used to surf.
  • With smart filters, easily sort through surf destinations by location cost, surf season, wetsuit requirements and others,
  • And that’s not all! SurfMate is your gateway to the best resources for each location. Access a curated collection of top-notch websites and videos that offer insider tips, surf forecasts, and cultural insights for every destination.

🏄‍♂️ SurfMate is more than just a template; it’s your surf companion, ready to guide you through the world of digital nomadism and wave-chasing. So, wax up your board, pack your bags, and let SurfMate be your ticket to the ultimate surf nomad adventure.



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Surfmate - Discover & Plan Your Next Surf Trip

by Tomas Vysny