Social Media Planner

Optimize your social media strategy with this user-friendly template.

Notion Social Media PlannerNotion Social Media PlannerNotion Social Media Planner

Streamline your social media content planning and scheduling with our carefully designed and user-friendly Notion template.

This template assists you in organizing your daily content and visualizing your upcoming posts in a structured lineup. Define a strong brand identity and implement a compelling content strategy to streamline your efforts across various social media platforms.

Main Features

  • Straightforward template, without unnecessary elements for optimal functionality.
  • The Home Dashboard that gives you an overview of your template content — all automatically.
  • Guidelines to use your template.
  • Quick Actions buttons for easy section creation.
  • Quick Links and Useful Links, integrated with database links, provide a seamless and intuitive planning experience.
  • Side Notes providing concise information for each section.

What’s Inside

  • Your Posts: Discover all your posts and leverage pre-made templates tailored for your selected platform.
  • Platforms: Utilize posts by platform to concentrate on a specific platform, allowing you to view both your published and unpublished content for that particular platform.
  • Tasks: Utilize tasks to effectively organize your thoughts when brainstorming ideas for a post.
  • Social Media Accounts: Make the most of this space by adding details or consulting the guidebook we’ve crafted for creating better content.
  • Company Values: Synthesis of your brand values, enabling a clear and efficient codification of your company’s purpose, approach, and ethos.



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Social Media Planner

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