Ramadan Planner

Make the most of Ramadan with this customizable Notion template for habit tracking and goal setting.

Notion Ramadan PlannerNotion Ramadan PlannerNotion Ramadan Planner

With columns for notes, motivation, reflection and more, you will be able to monitor your progress each day. This template can also serve as a prompt to stay consistent with your habits, so that you can form lasting routines throughout the month. Notion’s automation features also make it easier to remind yourself and keep track - set alerts directly within Notion or automate certain tasks.

This template includes:

  • 30 Deeds.
  • 30 Du’as.
  • on going Quran Reflection (The easiest way).
  • Add A note or Reflection for your Day.
  • Track Your Best Books, Videos, Podcasts.
  • easy planning For Meal.



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Ramadan Planner

by Abdo