Project Management Template

The ultimate Notion template for effective project management.

Notion Project Management TemplateNotion Project Management Template

The most complete Notion template ever created, offering the most comprehensive and advanced features for effective project management.

Manage everything from your daily tasks to your large projects, one template to organize your work, focus and get things done. Easily customize the template to your own needs. Add all your tasks and projects in minutes, and organize them within topics and areas for the best management possible.

This is the most complete Project Management designed ever. With more than 10 databases.

The advanced Notion template for Project Management includes the following databases:

PROJECTS: Central hub for managing projects.

TASKS: Tracks individual project tasks.

GOALS: Sets and monitors project goals.

MEETINGS: Plans and tracks project meetings.

MINUTES: Captures meeting minutes.

TEAM: Manages project team members.

RESOURCE: Stores project-related resources.

SHAREPOINT: Integrates with SharePoint platform.

EXPENSE: Tracks project expenses and budget.

TODOS: Manages personal and team to-do lists.

REMINDERS: Sets reminders for project deadlines and tasks.



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Project Management Template

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