Project And Client Onboarding Template

Optimize your client interactions and project management workflow with this visual template.

Notion Project And Client Onboarding TemplateNotion Project And Client Onboarding TemplateNotion Project And Client Onboarding Template

A visual and organized approach to managing client interactions, from initial contact to project completion.

Designed with freelancers, small businesses, and creatives in mind, this template streamlines project management, boosts client interactions, and optimizes your workflow effortlessly. Effortlessly structure your project timeline, craft compelling steps, and strategically organize client interactions for maximum efficiency.

Main Features

  • Straightforward template, without unnecessary elements for optimal functionality.
  • The Home Dashboard that gives you an overview of your template content — all automatically.
  • Guidelines to use your template.
  • Quick Actions buttons for easy section creation.
  • Quick Links and Useful Links, integrated with database links, provide a seamless and intuitive planning experience.
  • Side Notes providing concise information for each section.

What’s Inside

  • Your Projects: Discover all your projects, with all key properties.
  • Next Steps/Tasks: Manage and prioritize tasks for each project.
  • Payments: Efficiently organize ongoing and completed payments using the Payments section.
  • Clients: Compile a list of clients with the contact information to enhance project management efficiency.
  • Brainstorming: Make the most of this space by adding ideas or details that surge along the way.
  • Accounts Access: Use this space to gather all relevant account details for each client and project.
  • User Personas: Utilizing user personas is essential for companies to understand and address diverse customer needs, informing targeted product development and strategic decisions.



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Project And Client Onboarding Template

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