Outfit Hub (Notion Wardrobe Template)

The Outfit Hub is an easy-to-use minimalistic 1-page Template that helps you organize your wardrobe and plan out your outfits from one place, digitally.

Outfit Hub (Notion Wardrobe Template)Outfit Hub (Notion Wardrobe Template)Outfit Hub (Notion Wardrobe Template)

What’s included?

  • Aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic design
  • 1-Page template with no annoying sub-pages.
  • Easy sorting by color, style or season
  • Weekly Outfit Planner
  • Wardrobe & Inspiration Database
  • Toggle Organizing System to keep from cluttering
  • A guide on how to reverse shrunk clothes
  • A guide on how to remove stains




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Outfit Hub (Notion Wardrobe Template)

by Pascio