Notion Crm Board

Boost Your Client Management Efficiency with this Notion CRM Template! Manage your Clients and Meetings in one place

Notion  Crm BoardNotion  Crm BoardNotion  Crm Board

This Notion CRM template is designed to help you manage your clients, meetings, and company data with ease. With customizable pipeline stages, you can easily track the progress of your clients and know exactly where they stand in your sales process. Manage Companies, Clients and Meetings easily in one place, you can set reminder to follow up your clients. You can see simple when you will have meetings in daily view and monthly view.

With This Notion CRM template, you can:

  • Track and manage all client information in one place
  • Easily schedule and keep track of meetings
  • Set reminder for the next meeting, follow up your clients
  • Visualize your sales pipeline and progress
  • Manage company data with ease



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Notion Crm Board

by Solt Wagner