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Supercharge your goal setting with Life Goals OS, a tried and tested operating system that guides you through managing your goals.

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Get better at getting better

Life Goals OS is not just a goal tracker, but a tried and tested operating system that guides you through the process of managing your goals.

What you get from Life Goals OS:

  • You’ll learn how goal setting works and how to master it
  • A recurring checklist for setting and achieving your goals each quarter
  • A system that guides you through tracking, updating and grading your goals
  • A clean dashboard that displays your goals and the tasks that lead you to accomplishing your goals.

Included resources

  • A goal-brainstorming technique by Tim Ferris: The fear setting ritual
  • A guide to evaluating our 3 main life domains (Naval Ravikant), and your big rocks (Stephen Covey, author of The 7 habits of highly effective people)
  • Guide for setting great to-do’s using “The rule of 3” (Chris Bailey, author of the Productivity Project and Hyperfocus)
  • Tips and resources on how to set yourself up for success by James Clear (Author of Atomic Habits)
  • A guide to creating Odyssey plans (Bill Burnett & Dave Evans, authors of Defining your life)
  • Practical real life examples and scenarios

What’s behind the system?

I’ve researched and used goal-setting frameworks for the past 5 years both personally and professionally. As COO and Product Manager at our 40-employee business I have landed on OKRs as the goal-setting framework of choice.

You’ve probably heard about goal-setting methods like SMART before. The downside is they are complex and require a large investment of time and effort. OKRs are the lightweight counterpart to that. It’s straightforward to set goals with OKRs, and they are quick to maintain and adjust.

OKR’s have been popularized by Google, Intel, Netflix, and a legion of other big tech companies. But, OKRs are not just for big tech. The guiding principles translate to personal goal setting as well. Life Goals OS is an OKR framework enriched with guides that support you in choosing, setting, progressing, reviewing and achieving your goals.

How the system works

  1. Set your goals
  2. Plan and schedule your actions
  3. Progress and achieve your goals
  4. Repeat and expand your goals

Template features

  • ✔️ Clean and easy to navigate
  • ✔️ Built to be easily customized and tweaked
  • ✔️ Minimal moving parts and dependencies
  • ✔️ Pre-set templates, views, filters and icons in order to minimize any manual work




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Life Goals OS

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