Health Hub Os

The Ultimate Health Operating System for Notion

Notion Health Hub OsNotion Health Hub OsNotion Health Hub OsNotion Health Hub Os

All-in-one health management, tracking and organizing system for Notion designed to supercharge your mental and physical health.

You’ll have access to over 15+ pages designed to help you track, manage, and organize every aspect of your health. From tracking your daily water intake and exercise routine, to managing your routines and habits.

What’s included?

  • Your own personal HealthTrackingOperatingSystem
  • 15 unique templates and 10 different health trackers!
  • Easy tracking & storing of all yourhealthdata
  • A highly customizabletemplate that’s easy to use
  • A minimalist dashboardto help you stay organized!
  • A full PPL workout split & template for your own workout
  • Journaling & mental check-In system with daily happiness tracking
  • Track Moods, energies, triggers, meditations, mental states & journal entries
  • Track vitamins, calories, macros, workouts, running, daily steps
  • Track water intake, meditation, happines and much more




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Health Hub Os

by Pascio