GTD Dashboard Template

Use this Notion Task Manager to become more organized and productive in your daily life. Create and assign your task, and get things done.

Notion GTD Dashboard TemplateNotion GTD Dashboard Template

Capture, organize and prioritize your to-dos. Become more organized and productive in your daily life.

Capture anything quickly into your inbox to process later. Organize and sort by dates, projects, or contexts. Process if it’s a next action, project or reference. Review and update your task lists and references.

Inbox capture your thoughts and ideas to clear your mind and process them later.

Weekly View get an overview of your tasks for the upcoming week in a timeline view.

Calendar View manage your scheduled tasks in a calendar view.

Project List Group related tasks by projects and measure your overall progress.

Someday List everything that you are not committed to achieving or doing right now.

Assignee a team member to an action to clearly define roles & responsibilities.

Reminders for your scheduled actions or project deadlines.

Navigation Bar to quickly jump to the different pages in your system.

Priority Levels assign and view your tasks based on priority levels.

What you’ll get:

  • a space to write down and track your tasks
  • a space to assign tasks to different areas




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