Freelancer Hub

Streamline your freelancing career with the Notion Freelancer Hub

Notion Freelancer HubNotion Freelancer HubNotion Freelancer HubNotion Freelancer HubNotion Freelancer Hub

A comprehensive suite for all freelancing needs. Includes Client Portals, Project Management, CRM, Finance Tracking, and more, with one-year of updates included.

Whether you’re a designer, developer, writer, or any other independent professional, the Freelancer Hub is your key to a streamlined and efficient freelance business.


  • Project Hub: Manage each project with a dedicated dashboard, enhancing collaboration with clients and contractors.
  • Client Portal: Provide a unique, interactive space for each client, fostering clear communication and project transparency.
  • Invoicing & Finance Tracker: Simplify billing and financial tracking with integrated tools directly within Notion.
  • Sales CRM: Track leads and manage your sales pipeline effortlessly.




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Freelancer Hub

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