End-to-End Organizer OS

Meet your second brain. The End-to-End Organizer template jumpstarts your process of organizing any project.

Notion End-to-End Organizer OSNotion End-to-End Organizer OSNotion End-to-End Organizer OS

Bulk upload files and leverage them in the cloud. Gather snippets of inspiration as you have them. Access everything across all devices. Collaborate endlessly with others. With this template, the possibilities are endless.

What’s included?

  • Pre-built template with folders for ease of use and organization
  • Dynamic interface with a split-screen view for your files & notes side-by-side
  • Ability to bulk upload your best content & files and create internal links between your notes & uploads
  • Collaboration, commenting, and admin controls & permissions



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End-to-End Organizer OS

by Kahana