Employee Onboarding OS

Streamline employee onboarding and set clear objectives with the Employee Onboarding OS template.

Notion Employee Onboarding OSNotion Employee Onboarding OSNotion Employee Onboarding OSNotion Employee Onboarding OS

🌟 You found a rising star to join your team? 🌟

Get ready for their first day in your team with the Employee Onboarding template. Set their objectives, give them confidence, and follow-up progress week by week, month by month.

  • Use the 30-60-90 methods to set clear objectives and key results
  • The connected databases & custom views provide clarity and ensure understanding
  • The collection of templates makes knowledge transfer quick and impactful

You can also adapt the kit if you have just started a new job and want to organize what is most important and nail your new mission in only a few weeks 💪🏼




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Employee Onboarding OS

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