Effective 1:1 meeting template

Boost transparency, trust & success with these effective 1

Notion Effective 1:1 meeting templateNotion Effective 1:1 meeting templateNotion Effective 1:1 meeting template

Whether you are a manager, or a managee, chances are you have at least 1 weekly 1:1 meeting.

1:1s were initially created to remove blockers and aid check on the employee fulfillment. However, they often turn into a live reporting session which brings no benefit for the manager, or the employee.

Surprisingly, a report from Hypercontext showed that 78% of managers still have a non-collaborative way of keeping their notes, with 34% still using pen and paper. This makes it hard to prepare and lead an efficient meting with an open dialogue between the manager and the team member.

Using a simple tool, such as a page on Notion, shared between you and each one of your team members will boost transparency, trust and will have a huge impact on the overall success of your team.

🎁 What’s inside:

  • 4 templates for 1:1s

  • 3 fantastic articles to improve your 1:1 skills

  • “How to use this template” guide



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Effective 1:1 meeting template

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