D&D 5e Character Sheet

Manage your D&D 5e characters in Notion! 🧙‍♂️✨

D&D 5e Character SheetD&D 5e Character SheetD&D 5e Character SheetD&D 5e Character Sheet

This is a template I’ve used for my own games, as an alternative to a PDF template or D&D Beyond. I found it helpful so I thought I’d share it so other people can give it a go too.


  • Separate databases for different stats (this makes it easier to show linked database views).
  • Pre-filled with spells from the Player’s Handbook (sourced from this JSON file and tidied up for Notion)
  • Plenty of views to get started with (spell cards, equipment list, skills and saving throws)
  • Relations and rollups to help you automatically calculate certain stats.



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D&D 5e Character Sheet

by Gubbins