My Daily Dashboard 2.0 Notion Template

This template will help you manage your daily and weekly tasks with the Kanaban Board. It also includes other pages to manage your Journal, Social Media and Mood tracker.

Notion My Daily Dashboard 2.0  TemplateNotion My Daily Dashboard 2.0  Template

Supercharge Your Productivity: Get Organized, Get Stuff Done!

Our awesome template simplifies task management, clears your headspace, and fuels your success. Say goodbye to the chaos, and hello to laser focus. Streamline your workflow, crush your to-do list, and unlock your full potential. Ready to kick some serious productivity butt? Let’s go!

What’s Inside?

  • My Notes

  • My Wishlist

  • My Goals

  • My Library

  • Priority/Daily Tasks Manager

  • Weekly Tasks Manager

  • Quick links section

  • Improved Events Calendar

  • My Journal

  • My Social Media

  • Mood tracker



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My Daily Dashboard 2.0 Notion Template

by Gulshan