Course Builder Notion Template

Easily build, manage, and share comprehensive courses with the Course Builder Notion Template.

Notion Course Builder  TemplateNotion Course Builder  TemplateNotion Course Builder  TemplateNotion Course Builder  TemplateNotion Course Builder  TemplateNotion Course Builder  Template

Empower Coaches, Educators, and Trainers to Create Comprehensive Courses Seamlessly

The Course Creator Template offers a seamless way to develop courses in modules and lessons, manage them in a centralized space, and effortlessly share content with your audience. Ideal for coaches, educators, and anyone passionate about sharing knowledge, Course Creator provides an intuitive interface to craft, edit, and oversee courses in one convenient location. Easily restructure modules, adjust lessons, and adapt content as your course progresses, simplifying the entire creation process.

Manage your Courses Easily organize all your courses in one place. Manage your notes and tasks alongside your course materials effortlessly.

Build your Course
Easily create your new course with a modular builder. Customize modules and lessons to fit your unique style.

Share your Course
Sharing your course from your Notion workspace is incredibly easy. Once a customer makes a purchase, simply share the course link with them.


  • Manage your course in one place.
  • Build your course with ease.
  • Share your course with just one click.
  • Organize your course into modules and lessons.
  • Upload videos directly
  • Embed videos from Vimeo or YouTube into your lessons
  • Add descriptions, notes, to-do lists, and resources to your lessons and modules
  • Students can track their progress, and see completed lessons and modules.
  • Get ready to level up your page covers, modules, and lesson cards with included Canva Templates.
  • I’ve included a helpful AI prompt to assist you in creating your course. It covers everything from course description and strategy to generating course ideas, lesson planning, and integrating design models.



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Course Builder Notion Template

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