Content Creation Planner

Boost content creation productivity with this Content Creation Planner, exclusively for Notion

Notion Content Creation PlannerNotion Content Creation Planner

Boost your content creation productivity with our Ultimate Content Creation Planner, designed exclusively for Notion.

Whether you’re a blogger, a YouTuber, a podcaster, or a social media influencer, our comprehensive template will help you streamline your process, organize your ideas, and track your success.


  • Content Calendar: Visualize your publishing schedule with a dedicated content calendar. Easily tag and track the status of your content, from idea generation to publication.
  • Idea Bank: Never lose a brilliant content idea with our integrated Idea Bank. Jot down your thoughts, potential titles, target audience, and format.
  • Content Creation Workflow: Progress each piece of content seamlessly from idea to publication using our Kanban board.
  • Performance Tracker: Understand how well your content performs with a database designed to capture views, likes, shares, comments, and revenue generated.
  • Sponsorship and Collaboration Tracker: Keep track of sponsors and collaborations, including contact information, contract details, and payment status.
  • SEO Planner: Step up your SEO game with our SEO Planner, including tools for keyword research, backlink tracking, and competitor analysis.
  • Social Media Planner: Plan and schedule your social media posts to promote your content.
  • Resources & Tools: Keep all your go-to content creation resources and tools in one place.
  • Content Repurposing Plan: Maximize your efforts by repurposing your content across different formats and platforms.
  • Budget & Expenses Tracker: Monitor your content creation costs, including equipment, software subscriptions, freelancers, and ads.



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Content Creation Planner

by Jawad Zelmadi