Complete Project Management System

Efficiently manage your projects and tasks with the Complete Project Management System (CPMS) in Notion.

Notion Complete Project Management SystemNotion Complete Project Management System

Manage your projects and tasks with Complete Project Management System (CPMS) in Notion.

The CPMS is an extremely helpful system that can help you enrich your projects, tasks and more efficiently.

What’s inside the CPMS

  1. Quick Action
    Add your new task, risk, issue and meeting that related to projects.
  2. Navigation Bar
    Quickly access all your databases in one block.
  3. Projects
    Manage all your projects from one place.
  4. Tasks
    Track all your tasks by status and priority module.
  5. Project Meetings
    Arrange your meetings in minutes.
  6. Project Timeline
    Quickly check your projects deadline easily.
  7. Risk Tracking
    Collect and solve all high risk and low risk in market changes or team issues.
  8. Issue Tracking
    It involves identifying, documenting and solving your problems when challenges that arise during projects process.
  9. Archive
    An archive page for completed projects and documentations accessible for reference.
  10. Insights and lessons
    Note down all your lessons and insights about the projects and tasks.



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Complete Project Management System

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