Brainstorm Better

Brainstorm Better Notion template provides structured exercises and easy-to-use systems to help you push past mental blocks.

Notion Brainstorm BetterNotion Brainstorm Better

It’s easy to get stuck in the same patterns of thinking. Sometimes you can feel like you’ve totally run out of new ideas!

This free Notion template will suit anyone looking for some structure and support when brainstorming. Although it’s always great to collaborate, you can do every exercise in Brainstorm Better by yourself.

This template will be helpful no matter what topic you’re focusing on.

You could use it to:

  • think about your career or study options
  • create content ideas for blog posts, podcasts, videos or social media
  • come up with potential projects and events
  • answer the age old question - what to eat for dinner

This template comes with and without examples, and has an option for dark mode.

What’s included?

  • five exercises to help you come up with new ideas
  • systems to track, rate and shortlist your ideas
  • version of the templates with and without examples, plus an option for dark mode



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