Bot Robot Life Helper

The fundamental concept of this template was created to assist novices in discovering Notion's capabilities in an enjoyable and uncomplicated manner.

Notion Bot Robot Life HelperNotion Bot Robot Life HelperNotion Bot Robot Life HelperNotion Bot Robot Life Helper


  • Designed for light mode
  • Four cute robots, each with their own personalities and strengths, will guide you through life’s chores
  • Simple (but powerful) modules help you to track, trend, document and relax
    • Manage projects
    • Manage tasks
    • Plan meals
    • Create shopping lists
    • Manage your reading and watch lists
    • Log food intake into your food diary
    • Track positive habits
    • Journal
    • Log “photo of the day”
    • Organize large amounts of information in the Digital Brain
    • Sticky notes
  • Plenty of real estate to expand with additional modules to fit your life!



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Bot Robot Life Helper

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