Booking OS

Streamline your appointment booking and schedule management with the Notion Booking OS template

Notion Booking OSNotion Booking OSNotion Booking OSNotion Booking OSNotion Booking OSNotion Booking OSNotion Booking OS

Effortlessly Organize Appointments, Clients, and Services for Your Salon, Clinic, or Office

Revolutionize your scheduling with our Booking OS Notion Template, designed for seamless management of appointments, clients, staff, and services. Tailored for Beauty Salons, Barber Shops, Medical, Dental Offices, and more, this all-in-one solution simplifies your workflow, ensuring efficient operations and exceptional customer service. Say goodbye to scheduling headaches and embrace the ease of organized, centralized booking.


  • Appointment management
  • Service management by categories
  • Ability to add service duration time and price information
  • View which employee is performing each service
  • Customer management
  • Staff team management
  • Ability to view service times
  • Automatic calculation of end time based on service duration
  • Payment method and status management
  • Service amount and extra tips management
  • Customer appointment management
  • Notes management with the staff team
  • Task management with the staff team
  • Monthly and yearly report viewing
  • Monthly revenue, expenses, and balance tracking
  • Total revenue breakdown by services
  • Finance Management
  • Monthly, Yearly Report
  • Expenses by Categories
  • Included Canva Template for the Cover image




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Booking OS

by Solt Wagner