Book Tracker Notion Template

Book Tracker template is for people who don't want to get lost with their books reading progress, because it keeps tracking it for all your books in one place!

Notion Book Tracker  TemplateNotion Book Tracker  Template

This template helps you keep track of all your books with a customizable view that includes sorting by status, author, genre, format, and rating. Stay consistent and organized!

you are guaranteed to enjoy reading your favourite books without worrying about tracking them, just relax, read your favorite books and let the template do the rest!

with Book Tracker it is so easy to find your books with a click of a button with sorting feature, whether by rating, format, genre or status.

Also, you can find the books written by your favourite author with a blink of an eye by using the included author database

Features included:

  • Track Your Books
  • Reading Progress
  • Authors Database
  • sorting books by Ratings, Status, Genres & Formats




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Book Tracker Notion Template

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