Automated Twitter CRM

A comprehensive notion template for managing and growing your Twitter audience with data-driven decisions.

Notion Automated Twitter CRMNotion Automated Twitter CRMNotion Automated Twitter CRM

Quickly build an audience on Twitter with data-backed decisions, instead of random tweets and engagement on posts. Your Twitter CRM will allow you to skip manual data entry and store user’s growth for strategic outreach. Combined with personal tweet metrics, you’ll be able to understand what resonates with your audience and market your business!

IMPORTANT: To use the automatic CRM capabilities of this template, keep in mind that it requires a subscription to Zapier, Make, Bardeen or another no-code web-based automation tool.

Even without automatic stat tracking in your Twitter CRM, this is a great asset to help you increase your Twitter following at a bargain price.

If you’re not confident in setting up Zapier yourself after watching the video below, you can add on a 1-hour integration session to your order.

What’s IncludedTwitter CRM

  • Analyze people’s Twitter growth by automating the tracking of other creators in your niche. Evaluate their success with metrics such as total followers gained and growth percentage since entering your database.
  • Manage key relationships and prioritize engagement effortlessly.
  • Identify non-followers instantly and access user profiles with ease through the automated URL storage in Notion.
  • Stay on top of your tweeting game by tracking the creators with the most stored tweets in your Tweets database.

Tweet Database

  • Stay organized and never miss a beat with the calendar view, where you can easily track your previously published and scheduled tweets.
  • Need some inspiration? Store tweets from other creators that you liked and let their viral content fuel your own creativity.
  • Keep a record of your favorite tweets so that they can be ready to be repurposed in the future.
  • Leverage Notion AI to swiftly compose or rewrite tweets within seconds.
  • Monitor the performance of your posts by storing essential metrics such as likes, retweets, and impressions. Discover what resonates with your audience and refine your tweeting strategy accordingly.

My Twitter Analytics

  • Use Twitter’s official analytics site to pull information monthly and conduct your own analysis with formulas. Easily access this data within the Notion interface.
  • Calculate the averages of engagement rate, followers gained, likes and more overtime.
  • Calculate the all time totals of important Twitter metrics.

Advanced Insights

  • Dive deeper into your Automated Twitter CRM & Audience Builder data with some recommended views. This is a great place to store any metrics that you’d like to track as well!

  • Who’s hot vs cold allows you to quickly see the top rising and slow growth users in your CRM.

  • Don’t reinvent the wheel! Use older favorite tweets and inspiration from other creators to write effective Twitter content fast.

  • Keep your databases up-to-date with views designed to find potential holes in data entry.


  • With detailed documentation, you’ll be able to receive the benefits of the Automated CRM with ease.
  • You’ll be shown how to embed your personal Twitter timeline into Notion. This can be done for other users if you wish!
  • Learn how to use Save to Notion to quickly push Tweets directly from Twitter into your Tweets database.



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Automated Twitter CRM

by Benjamin Taylor