Animedoro Dashboard

Boost your productivity with the Animedoro Dashboard template. Animedoro is a focused work approach with timed sessions and anime rewards.

Notion Animedoro Dashboard

Stay on top of your tasks with this clean and simple dashboard, designed to let you focus on your work and achieve your goals with minimal distractions. The animedoro technique is excellent for people who love watching anime or shows but need more time to focus on their work and tasks.

Benefits of the animedoro technique:**

  1. The technique allows you to focus on your tasks for a longer period of time (40 to 60 minutes), providing a more natural flow for you to concentrate on your tasks
  2. You are likely to be more motivated to do your work since you know you’ll be rewarded with an episode of your favorite anime or show afterwards
  3. It can teach you to be more self-disciplined as you’re forced to delay watching another episode or binge watch — by teaching yourself that you can only watch an episode after you’ve been productive with your work


  • Task and productivity tracker

  • 60-minute timer with notifications

  • Optional background music



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Animedoro Dashboard

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