Analog look Bullet Journaling System for Notion

Designed for those who like the analog look of a Bullet Journal. This is not just a To Do list - keep a running log of life's important highlights. Use standalone or plug into an existing framework.

Notion Analog look Bullet Journaling System for


  • Designed for light mode
  • Minimalist appearance
  • Keep a running log of life’s important highlights (not just tasks!)
  • To access the symbol key, click the drop-down button next to “New”
  • Symbols are added or changed using templates (view the mini tutorial to see this in action)
  • View your bullets for today, this week, this month, this year, or a collection of all time
  • Additional views control how your bullets are grouped – daily, weekly, monthly or yearly
  • Optionally add time to display next to tasks, events or appointments
  • Create your own templates to add more symbols – the possibilities are endless



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Analog look Bullet Journaling System for Notion

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