Notion Academic Template

Maximize your academic success with the Student OS Notion Academic Template

Notion  Academic TemplateNotion  Academic Template

All-in-one workspace for everything you need for your academic career – both in and out of the classroom! Available in both an aesthetic (Brown and Lavender) theme.

  • All-in-one dashboard with all the current and relevant information you need: upcoming exams and assignments, your weekly timetable, daily and weekly to-dos, page directory, semester grade tracker, and more
  • Full Classes database and semester planner: add your courses for the current and upcoming semester, see details such as professor, cumulative average grade, and more
  • Each class has a full template page to add your syllabus and files, see profs, add your notes, and more – all interconnected with other databases in the template
  • Assignments & Deliverables tracker for exams, group projects, essays, and more – add priority per deliverable, relevant files, notes, and more, in the calendar.
  • Tasks and planner to track your to-dos by priority with automatic productivity ratings per task completed on a daily as well as a weekly basis!
  • Weekly timetable to see your class schedule for Monday-Friday at a glance
  • Simple spending tracker to log your school expenses by category
  • All elements seamlessly synced with each other with linked databases and more!
  • 100% customizable to add your personal touch.



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Notion Academic Template

by Aadityaa Shekhar