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Symptom Tracker Template

Free Symptom Tracker Template for Notion

Symptom Tracker Template

It’s a template to track symptoms for any particular condition (or if you want to keep track of random symptoms that pop up) – like a journal, but it’ll give you useful information about your symptoms over time in the dashboard. So if a doctor asks you the “do you remember the last time?” question, you can actually remember!

How It Works

  1. Enter all your symptoms on the Symptoms page. Enter all of the symptoms you would like to keep track of under the “Symptoms column” (one for each row).
  2. Log entries whenever you experience a symptom on the Entries page. Press the New button on the top right of the table to open up a form to fill out an entry whenever you experience a symptom(s).
  3. Discover insights about your symptoms on the Symptoms page. Check back to the Symptoms page with updated information about all your symptom(s) and discover insights about your symptoms from the number of times you felt a symptom to the unique dates/times they occur.


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