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Final Fantasy XIV Dashboard

Notion template for final fantasy xiv with useful links and progress tracker.

Final Fantasy XIV Dashboard

You can track your progress (manually) on several aspects of the game. The different sections available are:

  • Useful Resources - Mostly bookmark about the most used websites and tools in the FFXIV Community
  • Main Character Information - Where you can note the information about your main character, as well as other stuff if you want too (like your macros, BiS, etc…)
  • Combat Jobs - To track your progress about your combat jobs about several topics: leveling, job quests, relics, artifact gears, extreme & crafted primordial weapons. The tables have several views to show all jobs or only tanks, only healers and the same for each type of DPS.
  • Content - To track the main content you do in game like the MSQ (main quest), Extreme & Ultimate Trials, Normal / Alliance / Savage raids, beast tribes quests
  • DoH & DoL Jobs - Pretty much the same as the Combat Jobs section but for crafters / gatherers
  • Mounts - To track your progress on getting the primordial & raid mounts
  • Events - For you progress about events requiring a lot of farms like the current Yo-kai Watch event

All the progress bars are calculated automatically once you start changing your progression on an element.


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