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Eco Friendly Dashboard

Eco-Friendly notion template for those who want to be more engaged with environmental issues.

Eco Friendly Dashboard


  • A resource library to save good ideas, inspirations, media, wishlist and info about your favorite local stores.
  • Templates who’ll guide you through possible destinations of the waste you produce, including what you can recycle or not. This database is linked to the resource library, where you can store good ideas on how to reduce waste.
  • An inventory to track the expiration date of what you have at home. The different views of the database will help you by displaying what you should eat next so that the product doesn’t expire. It also creates an automatic grocery list if the product is expired or no longer in your cupboard. It also suggests recipes based on the ingredients you have.
  • Habit tracker to check how often you’re producing waste
  • Meat tracker for people who want to become vegan / vegetarian



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